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You pay attention to an individual’s needs. Never felt a drop of pain in your office. It’s a place where I can relax, it’s more of a rest spa than going to the dentist. You made me feel safe.

M.D. ~ Greenwich, CT,

You are user friendly and go out of your way to make it the best possible experience.

L.B. ~ Queens, New York,

You made a huge difference in the quality of my life; my facial muscles are now more relaxed. I had discomfort for over 23 years that’s now gone. I can now eat on both sides of my mouth. I felt cared for. Your services are excellent, you’re expensive and worth it.

R.K. ~ Soho, NY,

You are warm, friendly, professional and take the time to really explain procedures to patients. That is important to fearful folks like me who are always imagining the worst. Just having a great “Dr. Sorin" smile is worth thousands to anyone watching me or Robin grin.

L.T. ~ Alpine, NJ,