Dental Health

In our practice, we believe in a comprehensive, integrated approach to your dental health. Many of our new patients express an interest in achieving and maintaining healthy teeth and gums for a lifetime. We believe that this is an admirable goal and feel it is important to fully evaluate the oral health of all patients seeing us for the first time. We check teeth for decay, assess the condition of the gums, and evaluate the soft tissue structures inside the mouth, including an oral cancer-screening exam. We evaluate the way the muscles, ligaments and joints that control the opening and the closing of your mouth work and make a determination of how all the oral structures work together harmoniously.

At times, in order to achieve your desired goals, we suggest a comprehensive multidisciplinary care plan. We have assembled an outstanding team of dental care specialists, many of whom teach, lecture or are associated with leading New York hospitals, including New York-Presbyterian Hospital, Hospital for Special Surgery and Weill-Cornell Medical School.

Finally, we have working relationships with a nutritionist, a licensed massage therapist and a physical therapist to more fully integrate dental and adjunctive health services.