Why Choose Dr. Sorin?

Why choose Dr. Sorin as your dentist?

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You can certainly choose from among many dental practices, some privately owned like ours, and others operated by dental service corporations or franchises.

[row of dental chairs vs. inviting office of a private practice]

Some that have made a life-long commitment to investing in ongoing training and education, like our practice, and others for whom this is not a priority.

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Some that have actively sought new yet well-tested technology and innovations that improve quality of care like our practice and others for who are happy with the status quo.

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Some that follow, study and apply the evidence that solid research offers like our practice, or others who fail to pursue or incorporate that evidence. So…

  • If you want a dentist who insists on putting your agenda ahead of their own
  • If you want a dentist who will comprehensively assess your condition so you have information you need to make choices in your own best interest…
  • If you want a dentist who will thoughtfully offer an array of sound options for your consideration…
  • If you want a dentist who will respect your choice for whatever reason you make that choice…
  • If you want a dentist who has thoughtfully and intentionally assembled a team of support staff to ensure that your visits are comfortable, your time is used wisely and that you are treated with utmost respect..
  • …then we are the practice for you.

We work in collaboration with our patients in pursuit of results that meet the highest clinical standards, while addressing lifestyle and financial considerations.

We want to be your dentist and to provide you with our best dental care.