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Case 7

  • Klein, Justin 009
  • Klein, Justin   post-op  2  1  2011 007

This patient was concerned about the spaces between his teeth and wanted a smile that would make him feel better about the way he looked.


A comprehensive aesthetic evaluation related this patient’s smile to the rest of his face, and his teeth to his lips and gum tissue. A diagnostic template was made to determine the exact proportions needed to get the most pleasing results. We determined that orthodontic treatment was needed before any cosmetic treatment was done in order to move his teeth into the most favorable position prior to placing veneers.


Orthodontics was completed to correctly re-position the 6 front teeth in the face, the bite was balanced to limit the risk of abnormal wear and tear on his teeth, and 6 porcelain veneers were made by our ceramist to close all the spaces. They key to successful treatment in this instance was moving the teeth first in order to achieve a result that allowed proper size and proportion of the teeth at the end of treatment.

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