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Case 9

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Our patient was unhappy with the uneven wear on her front teeth.  She had noticed over the past several years that her front teeth were wearing at a faster rate, that the edges of her front teeth were chipped and that her teeth were becoming shorter.


After a comprehensive examination of how her teeth meet and chew it was determined that this patient had a bite imbalance that was causing her teeth to wear unevenly.  Her chewing system was out of balance; she had no GPS system that effectively told her brain how her teeth should meet while chewing.


First we determined how we could re-establish a GPS system that allowed her “chewing machine” to work without any interferences.  By balancing her bite and allowing all her back teeth to touch at the same time with the same amount of force, we reduced the risk that she would continue to wear her front teeth making them uneven and unattractive.

Then we placed 8 porcelain veneers on her upper front teeth; the treatment corrected the unevenness of her front teeth and gave her a more uniform, beautiful smile. One that she can be proud of.

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