Welcome to Our Dental Practice

Dr. Robert M. Sorin’s cosmetic and restorative dental practice, located on Madison Avenue at 49th Street in New York City (map), is patient-centered, relationship-based and dedicated to delivering optimum health, comfort and beauty. For over 30 years, Dr. Sorin and his team have been providing outstanding care and service to their patients with an emphasis on personalized attention.


Dental Health Services

We take a comprehensive approach to your dental health. Science has shown that patients with gum disease have a higher risk of heart attack, diabetes, and stroke. Recurring tooth decay caused by genetic and environmental factors can be controlled. A proper diagnosis and treatment will ensure you can chew with comfort and confidence.

Invisalign Inman Aligners

Orthodontic Services

Do you feel like your mouth is overcrowded? Or are there gaps that make you feel uncomfortable? Dr. Sorin's practice provides the best clear aligner treatments to guide teeth into a more attractive position quickly and painlessly without the need for traditional metal bands and wires. Contact us for a consultation to learn more.


Restorative Dental Services

Do you find chewing uncomfortable? Are your jaw muscles tender? Do you grind your teeth, either at night or during the day? Are your teeth aging faster than your body? Your chewing machine--the mouth and teeth-- should function well without causing stress. A proper diagnosis and treatment can help ensure you are chewing with comfort and confidence.

Sleep Related Disorders

Sleep Apnea

Do you sleep with your mouth open, snore or feel tired after waking up? Do you have GRD (gastro-esophageal reflux disease) or chronic cough? These symptoms of irregular breathing put you at a higher risk of heart attack, diabetes, and stroke. Our routine examination screens patients for possible airway-related issues to help you breathe better.


Cosmetic Dental Services

Let's talk about your smile. How does it make you feel? What about your teeth, have they changed shape or color? Do you dream of recreating the smile you once had, or maybe the one you’ve always wanted? Working with the world’s best ceramists Dr. Sorin strives to create world-class smiles based on principles of proportion, symmetry, and balance.

An Honest Second Opinion

An Honest Second Opinion

Has your dentist recently recommended a course of treatment you're not sure you understand? Do you find yourself questioning their competence and unsure if you trust their suggestion? It may be time to seek a fresh, honest, unbiased second opinion. Bring us your records and Dr. Sorin will address your concerns and answer all your questions.

Here’s What Our Patients Say…

Dr. Sorin and his team deliver dental, technical and aesthetic excellence — “health, comfort, and beauty” as he would say — with compassion, comfort, and Midtown convenience. His practice gets my highest recommendation.

Dr. Sorin is a wonderful dentist. I have had a lot of work done over the years, and fortunately, all treatments have been successful. I trust Dr. Sorin’s judgment and ethics. A visit to the dentist is not usually enjoyable, but the wonderful staff of technicians and office managers make it a pleasure!

Dr. Sorin has been my dentist for several decades. Even after moving over an hour away, I never considered changing dentists. He’s kind, caring, talented and thorough. The office staff and hygienists are friendly and professional. 5 stars is a genuine reflection of my experience.

Dr. Sorin and his staff are great! I have been seeing Dr. Sorin for many years and I’ve never experienced any discomfort during or after my visit to his office.

I’ve been coming to Dr. Sorin for years and hope to come for another decade or three. Love this dentist!

Dr. Sorin’s office is always a pleasure to visit. The entire staff is friendly and accommodating. I would highly recommend Dr. Sorin and his team for any of your future dental needs.

Dr. Sorin provides a comfortable setting and environment for having your teeth treated.

My whole family has been under Dr. Sorin’s care for years. He and his whole staff are wonderful, very competent and professional as well as being warm and welcoming. And Dr. Sorin is so gentle, never any pain.

Make an Appointment

We welcome patients to our midtown Manhattan cosmetic/restorative dental office from 8:30 am to 5:30 PM Monday and Wednesday, and from 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM on Tuesday and Thursday. To make an appointment call 212-355-3533. If you’re unable to reach us during business hours, click the link below to fill out our online form. We normally respond on the same business day.

We’re located just east of Rockefeller Center and north of Grand Central Station at 425 Madison Ave. #405 (49th St) New York, NY 10017. 
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