About Our Practice

About Our NYC Cosmetic Dental Practice

For over 30 years, we’ve been caring for and caring about our cosmetic dental patients in New York City in a way that emphasizes outstanding professional service and personalized attention. Our practice is patient-centered, and relationship based. We focus on our clients’ concerns and treating the conditions that exist in their mouths to help them achieve their goals. We have assembled an experienced, caring team of health care professionals who are committed to making your visits productive and comfortable.
GROUP_378(1)We offer a full range of aesthetic, restorative and implant related services to a primarily adult patient population. We believe in a comprehensive approach to aesthetic and restorative dentistry, one that fully integrates health, comfort, and beauty. We believe that patients seeking a beautiful smile should have it all; not only should they look great. but their teeth and gums should be healthy, and they should be able to chew comfortably. After all, what good is a nice smile if the underlying teeth and gums aren’t healthy, if you have pain when you eat or if the chewing system destroys what has just been cosmetically improved?

In addition, we place a strong emphasis on preventing dental disease and educating our patients about the value of good dental health. Our mission is to provide outstanding, highly personalized care and service in an atmosphere of competence, compassion and trust.

We believe that our comprehensive, integrated approach to health, comfort and beauty changes people’s lives and makes them feel better about themselves.

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