Our Mission: an Integrated Approach to Dental Health, Comfort and Beauty 

Dr. Sorin believes in a comprehensive approach to aesthetic and restorative dentistry, one that fully integrates health, comfort, and beauty. He believes that NYC cosmetic and restorative dental patients seeking a beautiful smile should have it all; not only should they look great, but their teeth and gums should be healthy, and they should be able to chew comfortably. After all, what good is a nice smile if the underlying teeth and gums aren’t healthy, if you have pain when you eat or if the chewing system destroys what has just been cosmetically improved? In addition, he places a strong emphasis on preventing dental disease and educating our patients about the value of good dental health. Dr. Sorin’s goal is to provide outstanding, highly personalized care and service in an atmosphere of competence, compassion, and trust. Dr. Sorin takes pride in his comprehensive, integrated approach to health, comfort and beauty changes people’s lives and makes them feel better about themselves!


In our practice, we believe in a comprehensive, integrated approach to your dental health. Many of our new patients express an interest in achieving and maintaining healthy teeth and gums for a lifetime. We believe that this is an admirable goal and feel it is important to fully evaluate the oral health of all patients seeing us for the first time. We check teeth for decay, assess the condition of the gums, and evaluate the soft tissue structures inside the mouth, including an oral cancer-screening exam.

We evaluate the way the muscles, ligaments and joints that control the opening and the closing of your mouth work and make a determination of how all the oral structures work together harmoniously. At times, in order to achieve your desired goals, we suggest a comprehensive multidisciplinary care plan.

We have assembled an outstanding team of dental care specialists, many of whom teach, lecture or are associated with leading New York hospitals, including New York-Presbyterian Hospital, Hospital for Special Surgery and Weill-Cornell Medical School. Finally, we have working relationships with a nutritionist, a licensed massage therapist and a physical therapist to more fully integrate dental and adjunctive health services.


 Some patients seeking our restorative dentistry expertise for the first time have problems with the way their jaws move and function. Certain patients have muscle or joint pain that prevents them from comfortably chewing, opening or closing their mouths without clicking, noise or pain. Others have lost multiple teeth and can no longer chew their food properly.

For these patients, we offer an integrated approach to restorative dental care that begins with a comprehensive dental examination. We evaluate teeth and gums but also pay particular attention to what the body is telling us. Are jaw muscles sore? Are neck muscles tender to the touch? Does the TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint) make noise when it opens or closes? Are teeth broken or loose? These are all signs and symptoms of a functional imbalance; the parts of the oral system are not working together in a healthy and harmonious fashion.

Once we have fully evaluated our patients concerns, such as TMJ disorders, evaluated the conditions that exist in their mouths and have made a diagnosis, we can offer comprehensive solutions to help return the mouth to proper function, comfort and health.


 Frequently, cosmetic dental patients seeing us for the first time express an interest in changing their smile. Some individuals want a smile that is whiter or brighter. Others desire to make changes in the size, shape or alignment of their teeth. Many have come to realize that a healthy, attractive, beautiful smile can be an important asset in their personal and professional lives.

For over 30 years, we have been changing our cosmetic dental patients’ smiles in a way that is natural and compatible with their self-image. Our approach to dental aesthetics differs significantly from others simply providing cosmetic dentistry in NYC. It’s important to us that the teeth and gums on which we build our smiles are healthy. It’s also important that your chewing  system works in a way that doesn’t create abnormal stress or strain on the teeth or the aesthetic dentistry that has been completed. This reduces the risk of fracture or failure and maximizes long term durability.

If you are interested in re-creating the smile you once had or creating the smile you have only imagined, please contact usand schedule an aesthetic smile evaluation.