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Talk or Drill?

Talk or Drill? Caries Management by Risk Assessment (CAMBRA) is being performed by dentists in the same way your MD  evaluates risk  factors to prevent heart disease. Have you had 3 or more cavities in the last year? Do you have a high intake of acidic or carbonated beverages? Do you snack frequently?  Are you…
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Toothpaste Abrasion

Toothpaste Abrasion With all the different types of toothpastes that are being offered to us today, how do we choose the best one? How well does a toothpaste clean, and are any of the components damaging to tooth structure? How do you choose among the many options and cut through the advertising hype? To me, it’s…
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Stress and Oral Health

Stress and Oral Health Abnormal levels of  stress are known to affect your physical health, but what about your oral health? During times of stress the body can respond in multiple ways. Stress can involuntarily cause you to clench and grind your teeth, increase the risk of getting canker and cold sores, and increase dental plaque.…
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Is Green Tea Good for Oral Health?

Is Green Tea Good for Oral Health? Green Tea has been used for its medicinal values for thousands of years. It has been widely used throughout Asia for its numerous benefits, due to the antioxidants and polyphenols. Now in vitro studies have shown that the polyphenols inhibit the growth of periodontal disease pathogens which may contribute…
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Straighter Teeth – Fast

Straighter Teeth - Fast Many people desire straighter teeth without a lengthy time commitment. The Inman Appliance may be the perfect solution if your front teeth are crooked, crowded or protruding. The Inman Aligner is a removable spring loaded appliance that guides the teeth to a more ideal position. While this process often moves teeth…
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Perfect Smile vs. Perfect Body

Perfect Smile vs. Perfect Body We live in a world where more of us than ever before want to look good, and more importantly, we want to feel good about the way we look. For better or worse, we live in a nanosecond society where people make judgements about who we are based on our…
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