What’s the key to a great first impression? Your smile.

Many people feel self-conscious about their smiles for different reasons. Invisalign or Inman treatments at our Midtown Manhattan NY clinic refresh smiles quickly and effectively to ensure photos are as memorable as the moments themselves.

Invisalign or Inman Aligner?

There are several tooth correction options today, so what’s the difference? For a long time, the answer was always Invisalign. Now that there are more options, Align Tech, the parent company of Invisalign, has taken a sales hit. Though dentists have tried other products, many keep going back to Invisalign because of its superior quality and the best overall results it provides for any age group.

The Treatment

Invisalign treatment is a great customizable solution for many smile imperfections. Treatment begins with a “smile scan” that identifies problem areas and creates a road map to a new smile in just 6-18 months. Customized aligners are printed to straighten teeth gradually, forming a more beautiful, healthy smile.

Have trouble with a few select teeth? Inman Aligners correct crowding or protruding front teeth. Like Invisalign, Inman treatment involves fabrication and initial fitting. Patients wear the aligners for 16-20 hours per day, with regular checks every 2-3 weeks. After the completion of the 6-18 week treatment, a lingual bonded or Essix retainer is worn to prevent any relapse.

Though they produce different results, the advanced software used in both processes creates a targeted and comfortable product. From the initial scan to aligner printing, the utmost care and precision are taken to ensure quality and fit. In addition, the short timelines cause less disruption to your life while creating the best version of your smile.

Whether it’s overcrowding, gaps, or overbites, uneven teeth are more prone to extensive wear and damage. That’s why even though investing in straightening your teeth can improve self-esteem, the most important outcome is improved long-term health. Cosmetic dental treatment at our clinic is a fast and easy way to help refresh your smile while boosting oral health. Learn more about invisible aligners and find out if you’re a good candidate for treatment.

See Dr. Sorin - Get the Smile You Always Dreamed Of

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