A few weeks ago, a panicked patient rushed into our Midtown Manhattan NY office. He’d been out with some friends the night before, sunk his teeth into a delicious nacho and instantly felt a sharp pain in one of his molars. Right away, he knew something was wrong.

He stared at our team with a look of desperation. “Please tell me you can fix this. I’m supposed to give a major presentation at work tomorrow.” We assured him that we could help him get his smile and confidence restored and not to worry.

A chipped tooth or other cosmetic dental flaw can cause more than just physical pain. A patient can be left feeling embarrassed and insecure. Our team can correct cosmetic problems, from a simple chipped tooth to a complex smile re-design.

How We Fix a Chipped Tooth
Here’s how we fixed our nacho-loving patient’s chipped molar. First, we prepared the tooth for a bonding procedure by applying a special liquid, then added a tooth colored plastic like material and sculpting it. Finally, we smoothed and polished the tooth back to its original shape. The entire procedure was completed that same day.

Other Cosmetic Procedures
Sometimes teeth have small or large spaces between them, or are twisted out of their normal position. Often time an Inman Aligner is a very conservative way to better align your teeth. It is comprised of several metal springs that gently guide teeth to their new position. Results are noticeable in as little as six weeks.

Invisalign is another option for cosmetic treatment when more than just the front four teeth are involved. It’s a series of clear aligners that are changed every few weeks. Each aligner is specially crafted to painlessly straighten teeth in a short amount of time. The best part is they are invisible!

Don’t let a chipped tooth or other cosmetic flaw turn into a source of embarrassment — explore your options to feel more confident and comfortable with every aspect of your smile.

Get brighter teeth in hours, straighter teeth in weeks.


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