During the several months that I’ve been sending these emails, I’ve had the opportunity to observe the ebb and flow of what’s been happening in the world outside. I’m well aware that many of you are still nesting comfortably outside the city while others are returning to NYC to live, or for business, doctor’s appointments and other needed services. Such is the world in which we are still living. Everyone needs to do what makes them feel safe and comfortable.

In my daily walks to and from the office I’m noticing there is a re-awakening slowly taking place; more traffic, more people on the streets, I even heard car horns honking the other day!  But it’s still sad to see theaters shut, Town Hall shut, and while some restaurants have opened for outdoor dining, (and soon to be indoor dining) it’s certainly a far cry from the way it was before the pandemic.

According to the ADA (American Dental Association), dental offices are busier than they were in June; but as you might expect, not at pre-Covid levels. I am most appreciative for the feedback regarding past emails and hearing that many feel safe coming in for needed dental care.

As many of you know, we have had to alter our hygiene schedule. We are now only able to see 6 patients each day in order to keep the office safe for all. At times this does not allow our patients to schedule exactly when they would prefer. To help address this issue, I will soon be implementing on-line appointment scheduling. I am hoping this will be up and running within the next 4-6 weeks and patients  will be able to be make hygiene appointments by simply going to our website.

I’m not sure how many of you are dining outdoors but just to share my own bias, I have come to believe that Covid-19 is spread primarily through aerosols, i.e. virus circulating in the air. This is supported by recent articles in the N Y Times and the Wall Street Journal.

Surface contact? To some extent. Sneezing and coughing from others? Yes, to some extent –

As such, I’m avoiding those large outdoor tents where air does not circulate so well.  An isolated table for two with an umbrella? I’m OK with that.

What should you consider when choosing a mask?
There are a few basic things to consider. Does it have at least two layers? Good. If you hold it up to the light, can you see through it? Bad. Can you blow a candle out through your mask? Bad.

Do you feel mostly OK wearing it for hours at a time? Good. The most important thing, after finding a mask that fits well without gapping, is to find a mask that you will wear. Spend some time picking out your mask and find something that works with your personal style. You should be wearing it whenever you’re out in public for the foreseeable future.

Class I, II and III surgical masks filter out 95-98% of the particles in the air. They are more effective than cloth masks – https://www.westlab.com.au/blog/2020/07/16/what-is-the-difference-between-level-1-2-and-3-face-masks

Our K95 masks seem to work just fine – I can’t blow out my own birthday candles!