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Smile Gallery

  • Case 1

    Case 1

    Concerns This 22 year old broke her two front teeth at age 8 as the result of an accident. She…

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  • Case 2

    Case 2

    Concern This 28 year old was concerned about how her smile would look in her wedding photos. She wanted to be sure her…

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  • Case 3

    Case 3

    Concerns This patient was embarrassed about the chipping and wear on her front teeth. Frequent attempts to solve her problem…

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  • Case 4

    Case 4

    Concerns A clicking and uncomfortable TM (jaw) joint that embarrassed this patient when chewing in public and increasing wear to…

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  • Case 5

    Case 5

    Concerns This patient was initially concerned about the wear on her front teeth. She also had questions about the color…

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  • Foti, MJ 006

    Case 6

    Concerns This patient was concerned about the size of her front teeth and how short they appeared. She also expressed…

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  • Case 7

    Case 7

    Concerns This patient was concerned about the spaces between his teeth and wanted a smile that would make him feel…

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  • Case 8

    Case 8

    Concerns This young lady had an implant placed in the front part of her mouth. It was positioned without any…

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  • Case 9

    Case 9

    Concerns Our patient was unhappy with the uneven wear on her front teeth.  She had noticed over the past several…

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